The Best DIY Features For Your Home Office

In today’s world, many have embraced the virtual way of life and moved their office into their spare room. However, now that you’re working from home, you’ll want to create a space where you can feel comfortable and be productive. However, cash may be looking a little tight and when it comes to transforming that spare room into the ultimate home office, there isn’t a lot of money left over at the end of the day.

However, you need not fear, with a little elbow grease and some inexpensive products, you can get that home office looking good in no time at all. Here are some of the best DIY features that will leave you feeling inspired to get to work:

Save Floor Space

Clunky desks and big filing cabinets can eat away at small spaces, making them feel cluttered and even tinier than they really are. Open the space by taking as much off the floor as possible. Wall mount your desk and hang some floating shelves for storage. Funky modular shelves will allow you to store your files and showcase trinkets and awards, without having that cluttered, overflowing cabinet in the corner.

These floating shelves and desks can easily be created using offcut wood and ropes – you just have to get a little bit creative. And if you don’t want your paperwork to be seen, simply cover old shoeboxes in wrapping paper for some funky, creative storage solutions.

Clear Your Desk Of Junk

Now that you’ve cleared the floor, you’ll want to clear your desk out of all that junk so you have more space for work and playing at Peg boards are a great way to store bits and pieces that might otherwise lie on your desk, such as reminder notes and business cards. Create a DIY pin board using a simple cork board or foam insulation board with some pretty fabric. Get creative with the pins but using old cufflinks or earrings and you’ll not only have something stylish but also super functional too.

You can also reuse old jars and trays, giving them a paint or sprucing them up with glitter and ribbons, to create fun, simple and affordable storage for your pens, paperclips, stapler and other stationary. An old block of wood can also be turned into a pen or pencil holder simply by drilling in some holes about halfway into the wood.

A Gallery Wall

You may want to display your favourite work, especially if you work in a creative field, but you don’t know how to do so. And thus, all your magazine clippings and brochures sit in your drawers just taking up space. Why not create a gallery wall instead?

Old photo frames can easily be sourced at junk shops and spruced up with a link of paint. Use frames in all sizes, colours and styles to create a fun gallery wall to display all your achievements and work. You can add to it as you go, eventually creating a one of kind display that takes up the entire space! This is also a great talking point when meeting any potential new clients.