AI May One Day Improve Everyday Life

There’s been lots of news lately about advances in artificial intelligence technologies, and we’re beginning to see more powerful tools entering the market, such as ChatGPT. This language model artificial intelligence is capable of answering fairly complex questions, but there’s still some progress to make.

This is just the beginning, and before long AI will become a more prominent part of our daily lives. Lots of people are worried about this – and it’s true that a few lines of work will probably be lost – but AI is also speculated to improve our lives drastically, as we will look at here.

Self-Driving Cars

Let’s start with one of the most obvious: self-driving cars. Imagine living in a city where there are automated modes of transport that never make mistakes, never run late, and know what to do in a potentially dangerous environment. While we’re still some time off from having fully automated cars, they will undoubtedly arrive one day. The hardware is already in place, it’s just a matter of pairing that hardware with an AI to make the driving as reliable and safe as possible.

Medical Diagnoses

The medical world is going to benefit immensely from having access to AI technologies. Let’s look at the following example to get an idea of the kind of AI medical tech that’s already being utilised. A person might discover a mole on their body that’s worrying them, so they make an appointment with their local dermatologist.

The dermatologist will scan the mole with a camera, and then the picture will be compared against a large database using AI software. A result will then be displayed to the viewers, which is usually the total risk of the mole turning cancerous. This kind of technology could expand to other medical sectors, allowing healthcare professionals to get the information that they need as quickly as possible, while also potentially saving more lives.

Searching Online

We’ve come to rely on the internet to gather information, and there’s never been a larger repository of knowledge available to us. Companies like Google have made it simple to find things online, but it’s expected that AI will make this process even more refined – we’re already seeing AI implemented into search results, such as Bing and Brave Search.

One day we could ask virtually any question imaginable, like “how do I calculate this formula,” or, “what foods can I eat to lose weight,” or, “is it time to quit my job and start playing mobile online pokies every day”. The AI will be able to answer these questions, provide reasoning, links to articles, and more.

Banking Online

Banking is another sector that’s heavily investing into AI technologies. There are many areas with online banking where AI could make things easier for everyone. An example of this is an AI chatbot that’s able to help the customer with a wide range of queries. Instead of having to wait in a long queue for someone to answer your query, you can instead expect instant results.