DIY Secrets the Experts Don’t Share

DIY Secrets the Experts Don’t Share

DIY has become big business, and these days there are dozens of ads for people offering handyman services. But I think this defeats the idea of DIY- after all, it does stand for Do It Yourself! If you want to give your home a bit of a makeover or are just keen to hang a few pictures, take a look at these tips, they are the DIY tricks of the trade that no one ever tells you!

Measure Twice, Drill Once

Measurements are key in DIY, but so often we don’t think through exactly what we are doing, and end up having to drill a few holes just to get that mirror in the right spot, or that picture hanging in the centre. The trick here is to measure twice. Not just where you are drilling, but what you are drilling for. If the hook on the back of a picture or mirror is off centre you need to know this, so pay careful attention to all angles of the project- literally!

Markers and Marks

Planning is key to the success of every project, even simple DIY. Whether you are hanging a shelf, paving your garden path or putting up light, plan ahead and clearly mark where you want everything to go. You can use chalk or pencil, or if you’re outside you can even use bricks, but ensure that you have a set diagram of where you are going, so you don’t veer off course.

Invest In A Spirit Level

As crucial as sound knowledge of a game is when enjoying a bit of real slots NZ play, a spirit level is an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast. It may seem like a silly purchase, but it can be used for so many things, and ensures that whatever you do is always neat, and lines up! It’s a lifesaver when levelling anything, from a floor to grass sods to a hanging picture.

Grab a Partner

DIY is not only more fun with a friend; it’s also a lot easier. So often we find that a project gets left because it looks too tricky and we can’t manage it on our own, but if you have a friend who is keen on DIY too, buddy up. Having someone to steady the ladder, hold the saw or help you reach those out of the way places helps a lot, and what the experts don’t tell you is that they seldom do DIY alone!

Check your Products

If you are not sure if a type of paint will work on a specific surface or you don’t know how to prep something to make sure that it always stays stuck- ask! There are plenty of people who are keen to share their wisdom and give advice, and if you can, find someone at a local hardware store that really knows what they are talking about. Stick to the golden rule of if it doesn’t say it will work; it won’t, so you avoid DIY disasters like peeling paint!