Trendiest indoor plants of 2019

The Indoor Plants You Need in 2019

Indoor plants have always been a thing, but this year, it is a trend you do not want to miss. Tending plants relieves stress, offers the reward of seeing something thrive, and creates gorgeous, living focal points.

What’s more, they help filter carbon dioxide and other gases out of the air, and replace them with oxygen. The theme is big and beautiful, and I’ll go as far as saying that more is more. If you want to introduce a few more plants into your living spaces, don’t be tempted to simply stick them in any old pot – be creative with your containers and with how you style groups of plants. Try hanging baskets, and repurposing old furniture, utensils, and crockery. Heck, even macramé is making a come-back. If you want to be on-trend in 2019, these are the indoor plants you need.

Desert Rose Echeveria

If you are new to growing indoor plants, you might be worried about killing them within weeks. Start off simple and low-maintenance with various Desert Rose Echeveria.

They don’t reach the sizes of some of the others on this list, nor do they offer some of the more tropical shades of green. However, their more muted pastel greens, often tinged with other colours, bring in gorgeous accents.

Chinese Evergreen

Most homes are not known for an abundance of natural light, and putting some plants too close to sunny windows can result in scorching. If your home is low on light, get a Chinese Evergreen.

One of the best options for low light, it has variegated leaves that always attract attention. What’s more, the plant produces white flowers and, if you are lucky, beautiful red berries. However, don’t be tempted to eat any part of your Chinese Evergreen, berries included, as it is toxic. If you want to treat yourself, rather play online slots Canada or go for a waffle and ice-cream.

Peace Lily

If you want beautiful foliage and flowers without too much effort, the Peace Lily is the best bet. Its long, dark green leaves are the perfect backdrop for the lily flowers it produces, and it requires little more than a weekly watering.

Even though the plant is poisonous, it helps remove benzine, formaldehyde, a trichloroethylene from the air.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

If the Babylonians could do it, so can you. Create your own hanging garden with plants such as the Heart Leaf Philodendron, which is perfect to grow in a basket suspended from the ceiling, rafter, or shelf.

They are not fussed about low or bright light, but they do not tolerate direct sunlight. They also do not require too much water.

Snake Plant

Indoor plants are not just for your lounge. If you want to bring a touch of nature into your bedroom or bathroom, a snake plant is the perfect choice.

Its tall, variegated, snake-like leaves add visual interest, but that’s not all. Unlike many other plants, this one releases oxygen at night, making it suitable for bedrooms. Also, it loves humidity, which makes it a great choice for your bathroom. Happy growing!