Top 2018 Fitness Trends

Top 2018 Fitness Trends

Although 2018 is well underway (it is the end of January already!) it is not too late to stick to some of those New Year’s resolutions you may have made and given up on already. But if you do not feel like starting a diet again or giving up your small caffeine addiction, why not try out some of the hottest fitness trends for 2018?

Here are our top three fitness trends to try in 2018:

One – Online Gym Coaching

Yes, you could download a exercise app or YouTube someone working out and follow their lead, but 2018 is the year you will be Skyping into your gym class and it makes so much more sense.

The goal is to join your gym of choice (local or not) and join the class in the comfort of your own home or outside spot. So once you enter the class via video, the instructor will be able to monitor you and your fellow gym class buddies and give instruction. This kind of class will offer fitness fans the option of not having to rush across town, through traffic, over mountains to get to your gym class only to find out you forgot you sports equipment at home.

This would for instructors with classes from Zumba to weight training, as long as the member has the right home equipment, they can join in.

And for busy fitness fans…go from sweating out that last hamburger to searching for online slots Canada sites without having to leave your home.

Two – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This exercise regime has been very popular for a few years now, and 2018 seems to be on track for another year of quick and intense rounds of suffering and sweat.

These quick rounds of 30 minutes and less, go from bursts of hardcore exercise to walking, making the whole session pass in a blur of sweat and fat loss. So if you were into Curves but got bored, this will rock your world.

HIIT is superb for burning fat fast, so if you’re low on time and high on fat, try this form of exercise out in 2018.

The only reported downside to HIIT is the higher possibility of injury, but if you join a good gym with great instructors, they will monitor your movements to so their best to avoid injuries.

Three- Smart Training

With the sheer multitude of fitness trackers/watches or other gadgets available, it is rather obvious that people love monitoring their fitness. In 2018, the trend for tracking fitness will become entirely mainstream, as the availability and affordability of tracking products reaches the mass consumer.

But it’s not just the latest smart watch that will be big, all types of sports equipment will make it to fitness fans. Smarter sportswear like Under Armour HOVR Record Equipped shoes, with its shock absorbing and support capabilities offering runners a smoother, injury free run.

So give fitness goals anther try in 2018, and try out some of these great new exercise options!