Banking Online

Making Use Of Modern Banking Methods

The world has changed more in the last few decades than anyone could have ever imagined. Not only do we have technology that was once only the stuff of science fiction, but we have access to a vast wealth of information as well as constant connectivity. Online access hasn’t only allowed us to keep in touch with old friends, but has also altered the way we’re used to handling our finances. This is especially true when it comes to moving money around through transactions, which was once something that could only be accomplished through cheques and cash.

Even after EFTs became popular, allowing us to deposit and withdraw money from just about any account in the world, it was unpolished idea that had many people waiting weeks for the money to clear. Things really began to change with the invention of e-wallets, a new and innovative method of handling our money online, without ever having to visit the bank. E-wallets were the first step, but have also now branched into other types of online transaction methods, giving us more choice than ever.

Whether it’s to buy something from our favourite store, buy some credits for our pokies online NZ games, or to pay for a streaming site, these are the best online banking methods to make use of in 2018.

Traditional Cards

Credit and debit cards have been the most popular form of banking for the past thirty years, allowing us to go to just about any shop in the world and pay for whatever we want with the swipe of a card. The flexibility of these cards didn’t just stop at physical stores, however, as most websites also allow us to make deposits or purchases through the use of a card.

If you want to buy for something online, it’s as simple as adding the details of the card you want to use, and then submitting. The money will be sent over directly, and the purchase will be finalized. To date, credit cards are the most popular method of moving cash online, but it looks as though e-wallets are quickly catching up.


We’ve all heard of PayPal, the extremely useful online banking service that allows us to maintain an account online, where we’re able to send and receive money from all over the world. PayPal is just one of them, however, and there are quite a few different e-wallets to choose from, depending on your region and your preference.

Others like Skrill, Google Wallet, Neteller, and Apple Pay are just some of the more popular ones available online, each catering to a different group of users.

Charge Cards

The problem with e-wallets and cards is the security risk. If you’re going to be uploading your private information to the Internet, there’s always the risk that it could fall into the wrong hands. The answer to this is the charge card, such as PaySafeCard. This is something that can be bought at local stores. You take in the amount of cash that you want to put on the card, and it’s printed with a specific code. You can use this code on different websites, where the value of the money will be uploaded online without you ever having to reveal any personal or financial information.

With new banking methods like Blockchain on the horizon, we may yet see even better substitutes rising up. But for now, these are the best that the Internet has to offer.