Tips on Beautifying a Small Garden

Tips on Beautifying a Small Garden

While the dream is to have a big garden with rolling lush lawns and pops of colour from beautiful flowering bushes and shrubs, complimented by a canopy of trees, this isn’t the reality for most. However, even a small garden can be easily transformed using these easy tips.

Deck Transformation

If you have a patio or deck that feels stark and unappealing, use oversized terracotta pots or plastic planters filled with anything from vine tomatoes to wildflowers to create a perfect hideaway.

Create a Herb Table

This idea is perfect for high-rise balconies or that corner of your garden where nothing will grow: top an old table with mix-and-match potted herbs to create the perfect edible garden.

Raised Beds

Raised beds are the perfect solution for gardens with poor or non-existent soil. Use raised wooden planters to plant veggies, flowering shrubs, or whatever your heart (or tummy) desires!

Make Use of Vertical Space

If you don’t have much ground space to work with, there is nothing stopping you from taking up vertical space instead! Liven up a plain wall with a climbing plant such as bougainvillea or ivy.

Tiny Plants with a Big Impact

Staying with the idea of using vertical space, attach an old canvas or hanging shoe organiser to a wall or fence and fill the compartments with soil. Plant herbs, vines, ferns, or whatever catches your eye.

Fill a Window Box

A freestanding window box is easily transportable and can be moved around your garden to create different looks whenever you need a change. Packing a container tight with succulents – low maintenance plants allowing more time eSports betting Australia – works well as they don’t grow quickly and crowd their neighbours the way other plants do.

Pretty Pallets

While a plain pallet may not look appealing at first, you can transform it entirely by attaching clay pots with nails and stainless steel cable ties and filling them with microgreens, herbs, or ferns.

Washtub to Wonder

If your garden feels overpowered by terracotta, creating contrast with an inexpensive galvanised steel washtub is an easy fix. They come in many shapes and sizes, so find one that’s personally appealing and poke draining holes in the bottom.

Opt for Foliage over Flowers

While flowering shrubs are pretty, they’re also a lot of work. Opt for green foliage as opposed to flowers for an ultra-low maintenance garden which will also be a lot cheaper to create. Many green shrubs don’t need deadheading and their leaves last longer than briefly blossoming flowers.

Herb Filled Gutters

Perfect for narrow gardens, affixing metal or plastic gutters to a wall or fence is an innovative way to plant herbs and small vegetables. Gutters can be stacked up high in small space and you can create a water wise garden by recycling the water through the gutter planter to the one below it.

Creative Colanders

Purchase inexpensive metal colanders (double points for bright colours) and hang them from your porch ceiling or outdoor area. Line the colander with sheet moss, fill with potting soil, and plant beautiful shrubs such as pansies or ferns.

Use Your Old Birdbath

Have a cracked or worn birdbath which is no longer suitable for its intended purpose? Hardy succulents which store water in their stems and leaves will thrive in a shallow birdbath. Add pebbles to help the soil hold water and to add to the look.