Tips for Decluttering a Home

Tips for Decluttering

Everyone is busy and decluttering seems to be the last thing on anybody’s fun list, but it will go a long way to making things simpler, tidier and a house will run more efficiently after decluttering.

Sort First

The first thing that most people do when decluttering is to rush out and buy storage boxes and various kinds of containers.  The first thing to do is to first decide what must go and what can stay and then buy some storage containers.  Otherwise there is the chance of having too many storage options that will then go to waste and just create more clutter.  Once the areas have been sorted, more storage containers can then be bought.  It is also a good idea to make sure that the containers will fit for example under the bed or in a wardrobe.  They should also be functional, not just pretty!

Start Small

Decluttering can be daunting and it is good to set aside a few hours each week, rather than trying to do it all in one day.  Trying to accomplish it in one day can be frustrating and after a few hours it is most likely that energy levels will drop and the motivation will disappear.  It is also difficult for most people to find eight hours out their day, as most people are trying to juggle jobs and homes.  Choosing one area at a time also makes it easier and seeing that one area has been decluttered is a great motivator. You can also work for rewards, so when you finish a section you can have some fun playing online slots for real money in Canada, or go out for a meal, or do anything else you enjoy.

Go the Distance

Sorting items into various categories such as throw out, recycle, donate to charity, pass on to a friend or for storage, make it much easier to keep track of things.  After sorting the items into various piles these should be distributed immediately.  Do not keep things, rather go and drop the donations off at the charity, take the items to a friend or box up the items for storage and label them and put them away.  Items to be thrown away should immediately be put in the trash.  After all the hard work of sorting, the process should be completed.  This is a great feeling of accomplishment!

No One is Perfect

That feeling of accomplishment for many may be short-lived.  After the big clean up, it is most likely that the space may become cluttered again.  This can be frustrating, but at least there is now a new and more efficient system in place and it is much easier to manage items that need to be thrown out or kept.  The key is to maintain the area and to remember that the new decluttering system is now way better than the old one.

We have all seen those beautiful, neat closets and storage areas in magazines and on TV, but honestly who can maintain that sort of neatness on a regular basis.  Even after a space has been decluttered and reorganised it very often does not look like the ad in the glossy magazine.  Of course everyone would love to have a space like that, but these pictures have been professionally styled and staged.  Perfection is not the goal when decluttering, rather having a space organised in the way that is easiest and serves a particular need and function is the key to being successful at being organised and decluttered.