The Top Smart TVs On The Market

Televisions first became widespread during the 1950s and 60s, where more and more people began to adopt them into their daily lives. Since then, televisions have remained a popular pastime for people from all walks of life. From a simple way to watch the world’s news, to having the biggest, clearest TV available for video games, television technology has undergone a series of major changes over the last few decades.

The latest iteration of the television is the smart TV, a device capable not only of displaying picture and audio, but a range of other features designed to bring the world of first-class entertainment to your home. If you’re looking for a new smart TV, these are the best choices on the market.

  1. LG B8

The LG B8 is the very best that LG has to offer, and arguably the best smart TV in the world right now. The B8 features OLED technology, which is the next step in high-quality display. The B8 offers full 4K resolutions with seamless video streaming, as well as almost instantaneous response times and incredibly low input lag, perfect for gamers. Despite all its pros, the B8 isn’t perfect, and much like the plasma TVs that once pioneered the flat screen world; LG’s OLED flagship can suffer burn-in for images that are on screen for too long. It shouldn’t be a problem for those that don’t have static images on their screens for long.

  1. Sony X900F

This LED LCD TV from Sony is just about the best smart LCD television that money can buy. While it doesn’t quite have the same clarity and response times as the OLED, it still comes with 4K display delivery that will work perfect for both films and gaming. It runs Android TV 7.0, which is easy to use and packs a ton of features. It has access to the thousands of apps that are available on Google’s Play Store. It’s the perfect mid-range smart TV that should work for most people, and with it’s online connection to the web with full browser functionality, it can be used for everything from simple searches to playing real money online pokies.

  1. Samsung NU800

The NU800 is the ultimate smart TV for gamers, coming with a plethora of features designed to make gaming as fluid as possible. Low input lag, high quality picture, and a smart interface that’s extremely easy to use makes the NU800 a great addition to any gamer’s entertainment centre. The TV supports AMD’s FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate technology, which means there is little to no screen tearing whatsoever. It also automatically switches to a low latency Game Mode whenever it detects that the player is loading up something to play.

  1. TCL R617

The R617 is the budget option for those wanting a smart TV but with a much smaller asking price. It’s a versatile device that offers full 4K that works in almost all lighting conditions, with its main disadvantage being its poor screen uniformity. Despite this, its Roku OS works fairly well, runs smoothly, and allows for multiple app downloads and streaming channels.