Pro Online Shopping Advice

Online shopping is a wonderful thing, but it’s also something that not everyone gets the hang of straight away. These tips are designed to help you make the most of your online shopping experience, and to not be one of those people who end up with bags of goodies stashed in the back of their closet that they never got round to returning, as the returns policy was too confusing, or simply too much effort!

Check the size charts

Not all sizes are created equal and different clothing brands seem to have different sizes, even when they should be uniform measurements! Always check the size chart of any clothing item you are going to buy online, and make sure you know your measurements so that you find the ideal fit.

Don’t rush in

Don’t be afraid to find what you want online and then sit with the item in your basket for a few days while you make a final decision. Not only does this eliminate buyer’s remorse, many sites often pick up on an incomplete order and offer a discount for following through.

Go second hand

There are an abundance of second hand sites online, and even Facebook has a thriving marketplace. Before you buy something new, check that there isn’t a gently used second hand option out there at a quarter of the price. Trawling second hand sites can also be loads of fun, and you may well find a few hidden gems that you never expected at really reasonable prices.

Use price check sites

If you are purchasing an appliance or similar big-ticket item and haven’t won big playing real money slots Philippines, then make use of price check sites that compare deals across the web. This way you get to see what the best price is, and where you can save money simply by doing your homework.

Check the returns policy

Almost every online shopping site will have a returns policy that is relatively standard, but if you’re buying ‘high risk’ items such as shoes or clothes, you need to know how to return them with minimal hassle or to exchange them for a different size. Often there’s a shipping fee attached to returns and exchanges, so make sure this is not exorbitant.

Check reviews

If you’re buying from a seller on eBay or Facebook you’ll see that there are seller reviews that allow for past customers to review the seller. Check these to make sure you are not getting scammed, or that the product supplied isn’t inferior. On Amazon and other similar sites you can also read customers product reviews, so you can get an insiders perspective as to what the purchase is actually like and whether its worth your while.

Capitalize on voucher codes

Keep an eye out for voucher codes on sites that give you a discount on your first purchase, or on future purchases. Often it may be well worth your while signing up with a new site just to claim a once off discount, especially if the discount is substantial.