Lifestyle Trends for 2019

Whether it is embracing the idea of going green, innovative workouts, or new technology, these trends are going to be making a big splash this year!

Decluttering with KonMari

Minimalism continues to be popular in 2019, with people the world over taking tips from households in Japan as they declutter. KonMari is a tidying method that has you focusing on keeping items that spark joy and thanking those that don’t before you discard them.


Trains, planes, and automobiles are big pollutants, and in an effort to reduce the harmful effects of travel people have started exploring how they get from point A to Point B. Ecotravel is making its presence known, as is ecotourism, which sees people trying to leave zero impact on others, wildlife destinations, and the environment around them.

Options in this category include doing community service on a trip rather than simply seeing the sights, choosing locally-owned accommodation over that offered by hotel chains, and taking shorter trips locally rather than longer international excursions.

Foldable devices

Technology is doing a throwback to the early 2000s in 2019 by adding a touchscreen spin to the flip-phones of yesteryear. Motorola is set to release an updated version of their highly influential RAZR flip-phone sometime, as is Samsung. The latter will unfold vertically rather than horizontally as the former does, and you will be able to add one more way to enjoy TV shows, social media networks, emailing, making calls, and even cricket betting to your current list of options!

Home gardens

We’re increasingly living in spaces without gardens, so the trend of plants making their way indoors is understandable. Living walls are all the rage at the moment, and they combine decorative features with food production for those who make use of them.

You can create these indoor oases with wooden packing pallets, old furniture, DIY shelving, and hanging plants. Each garden can be 100% customised to fit your needs and space requirements, too.

Virtual Reality

VR has been around for a while now, but we’ll see a lot more of it this year. More and more gaming companies are incorporating it into their repertoire as prices for the technology falls, and this is going to make the media even more accessible to Joe and Jane Average.

Even fitness organisations are jumping onto this trend, and VR is turning getting fitter into a game thanks to programmes that are part gaming system, part workout equipment. You’ll be able to enjoy different activities from anywhere at all, from kayaking across a serene lake from your lounge to hurling fireballs at your nemesis in a battle arena while you’re tucked into bed at night!

Flexible Work Hours

While we still have the standard work model of 9-5 taking prominence in the workplace, the concept of flexible working hours is becoming more of an option these days. Flexi-hours move the emphasis away from the number of hours you work to your productivity and output, which is as it should be.