Make Small Changes for Big Results

Quit alcohol or cigarettes cold turkey. Run a 10-kilometre marathon. Cut carbohydrates out of your diet completely. Reduce your daily calorie intake by half.

Most of us believe that making drastic changes in our lifestyles is the only real way to get results, but the opposite is in fact true. Changes that are too big overwhelm us. You don’t particularly want to begin, you don’t know how, so you just don’t.

Making a series of smaller changes to your everyday life is easier to achieve and less demanding to maintain. Then, as they start yielding results, they become habits, which increases your self-confidence and makes it that much more likely that you’ll continue on your new path.

So, whether you’re looking at getting healthier, improving your relationships, or getting on track financially, focus on frequent small goals rather than massive ones and you’ll soon start seeing the results.

Close Your Eyes in the Shower

Blocking out or combining senses, like showering with your eyes shut or eating while blindfolded, can improve your memory and get you mentally fitter. When you use your senses in unfamiliar ways you stimulate nerve cells in your brain and activate new circuits and pathways.

Eat More Calories, Drink Less

Liquid calories add up really quickly, so carefully consider that can of soda or soy latte. Aim to limit beverages that up your calorie intake but don’t make you feel full, and remember that even opting for diet drinks only goes so far. Studies have shown that aspartame, the artificial sweetener in diet drinks, gave mice raised blood sugar levels.

Indulge in a Relaxing Bath

If you suffer from any amount of insomnia, soothing pre-sleep routines could help you fall asleep more quickly. Read a novel, practice relaxation exercises, Yoga Nidra for sleep, or take a bath. Keep your room cool and avoid the glow of your computer, tablet, or smartphone screen at night.

Stop Eating Before You Feel Full

Turn your hunger into a scale, with 1 being ravenous and 10 being too full to move, and stop eating when you reach 5 or 6. To stay satisfied but avoid being stuffed, pay your meal 100% of your attention. Known as mindful eating, this means not stuffing your face in front of the TV or mindlessly snacking while you surf social media, enjoy esports betting sites, or catch up on emails.

Save Money in 15 Minutes a Day

Most of us carry pretty significant debt, and the answer to getting rid of it is implementing small, workable changes in the short-term to deliver major savings in the long-term. Before you go shopping, for example, search online for coupon codes and information on stores running specials and promotions. You could be cutting your grocery bills by as much as 50% simply by taking some time to find offers, and you can apply this idea when you’re travelling, too. Use sites that inform you of the cheapest gas along your route if you’re driving, and plan well-ahead if you’re flying so you can get the best possible ticket price.