Best Streaming Sites

The Internet’s Best Streaming Sites

The age of traditional television has finally met its biggest match yet – online streaming. Online streaming has completely changed the way we consume our media, and for most people, it’s been a step in the right direction. Before the Internet made its arrival, the government and various networks mostly controlled television. This control meant that networks made the choice of what was going to play at specific time, and for the most part, people had to conform their time to meet the timetable of the network.

This was obviously not convenient for everyone. Some people may have had to miss their favourite show due to work, while others might not have access to certain television subscriptions that allowed them to watch something more entertaining than government-regulated TV. After the Internet made its debut, it didn’t take long before small but promising companies realised that they now had the chance to give people direct access to whatever they wanted to watch. It was unprecedented in modern entertainment, and has been a massive success on all fronts.

Today, we can watch whatever we want, whenever we want, for just a small amount of money per month. This freedom and choice has meant that there are now a number of different streaming sites available. Some offer television shows, some offer sports and horse racing tips, and others might offer a mix. If you’re looking for a new streaming site to watch, these are the most popular right now.


Amazon is the general-purpose Internet store that provides just about every service imaginable. From physical items, books, music, and video games, Amazon has seen a huge surge in popularity. They offer films and series to rent, and an additional service called Amazon Prime gives users the chance to pick and choose whatever they want to watch for a monthly subscription fee.


Hulu is the result of a merging between Universal, Fox, and Disney, where all companies wanted to offer a full streaming service that offers all the latest in film and television series. It’s proven to be a success, and now Hulu is one of the biggest streaming services in the world. While it doesn’t offer as many movies as other sites, it does have the largest collection of shows and series.


While it’s free, and is not often classified among other streaming sites, YouTube can still provide endless amounts of entertainment and all without having to spend a cent. YouTube also hosts some of the most popular live series in the world, and is the home of modern music entertainment. It’s also on par with other sites like Twitch for live video game streaming, which has been making waves in the entertainment world.


Netflix is often cited as the first true streaming site, and reason that companies like Blockbuster went out of business. Their original premise was clear: allow people to rent videos and series digitally, without ever needing a physical copy. It was a resounding success, and it didn’t take long for Netflix to become the reigning king of online streaming.