Take a Look at 2020’s Hottest Nursery Décor Ideas

Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Preparing the nursery for your baby can be a fun and creative process – as well as an important step in your mental preparation of becoming a parent. It’s completely possible to create a warm and inviting space that both you and your little bundle will love, and that fits in with the existing style and flow of your home. Read on for some of the leading trends in nursery décor this year.

Over the Rainbow

Rainbows are a popular motif at the moment – you’ll find them everywhere from clothes to crockery and bedding. Whether in high saturation or muted hues, rainbows are a fantastically adaptable theme for a nursery – and surprisingly versatile, as well as gender neutral. The interpretation is completely up to you.

Opt for a clean, crisp, neutral palette, with one or two bright pops of rainbow joy – whether in the form of wall art, a throw cushion, or a similar subtle hint (both rainbow prints and woven wall hangings are hot items at the moment). Alternatively, embrace the vibrancy of the colour full on and choose a striking wall mural, sticker decals, or upcycle furniture with a lick paint in a variety of hues.

A Jungle Adventure

With the tropical trend having made décor waves for a few years now, ‘jungle chic’ has emerged as a fun and quirky nursery décor option. Creating a lush atmosphere is key, so start by painting the room in your preferred green tone or opt for some leafy wallpaper.

Balance out the drama by selecting furniture in earthy, natural tones, and then add character by embellishing with your favourite animals in the form of wall art, bedding, stuffed toys, or as a mobile. Complete the effect by adding plenty of living foliage to the room.

Fresh and Neutral

Having a child doesn’t mean that your nursery has to look childish. Steer clear of the clichés by opting for a clean, neutral space that can work for any gender. Opt for crisp paint tones, or a simple geometric wallpaper, and accentuate with rustic flourishes and touches of wood or wicker. Dried flowers work beautifully to round this theme out.

Marvellously Moody

Pastels are passé – 2020 is all about dark tones. While decadent, rich tones like you will find at online casinos in Dubai selected at this site might not be the first thing that springs to mind when decorating a baby room, when executed correctly this trend can create a calm, serene space that is comforting for both parents and baby. Investigate charcoals, inky blues and forest greens as foundation colours, and elevate them up with natural textures and pops of floral. This trend works exceedingly well when combined with another popular trend, oversized floral.

Add Zest with Citrus

From lemons and limes, to mandarin and pomelo – citrus is making a big splash in nursery design this season. The fresh zesty tones lend themselves to hues of orange and yellow, green and pink, and are wonderfully gender neutral. Bring the theme through via your choice of wallpaper, bedding, art, swaddles and more.

Don’t be daunted by the task at hand – with a little inspiration, your nursery can be just as stylish as the rest of your home.