Why People Are Falling in Love With Sweet Magnolias

The programme Sweet Magnolias, which is currently streaming on Netflix, has managed to captivate major portions of the streaming giant’s large audience since the show released. And, that’s with a very good reason, as the series – which is based on the novels of the same name by Sherryl Woods – mixes the small town attraction of shows like Hart of Dixie as well as Gilmore Girls, with the drama of Virgin River in addition to the sweet romance of a Hallmark movie. (OK, fine. Things get a little bit spicier than that.)

Sweet Magnolias is a drama series which stars JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott as well as Heather Headley among other people. The series is based on Sweet Magnolias books, which were penned by Sheryl Woods. The movies were made into the Netflix series. Sweet Magnolias concentrates on a group of life-long female friends in the small (as well as fictional) town of Serenity as they traverse their careers and family struggles.

Here are a number of the little-known facts about Sweet Magnolias.

Chris Klein Was Initially Considered For The Role Of Cal Maddox

Chris Klein originally submitted to play Cal, but the role eventually went to Justin Bruening. Funnily enough it was mistakenly thought Chris was on the list of candidates for Maddie’s ex-husband, Bill Townsend.  Sheryl Andersen, who adapted the books for the series, looked at his reel and told the casting director Jason Wood that she thought that Chris Klein would be fascinating as Bill.

The Corner Spa Is A Law Office In Georgia

The inside of The Corner Spa is situated on a soundstage however the outside of Miss Frances’s former mansion is a law firm that is situated in the historic Lee-Porter Mansion in Covington, Georgia. The census, which was conducted in 2010, lists Covington’s population as just over 13 000, however it’s seen as the Hollywood of the South for its reputation as a filming centre for TV shows (for instance The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies and Sweet Magnolias) as well as films (Selma, Sweet Home Alabama).

The Actor Who Acts As Maddie’s Son, Ty, Is A Former Baseball Player

It wasn’t a requisite that Carson Rowland, who plays Ty, had to be good at baseball however it was like when you get the match on bonuses that he was. The producers knew that the character of Ty was going to be playing baseball a lot. Luckily, Rowland played in high school and he would have gotten the role irrespective — a professional consultant was on hand for the baseball scenes — however it was “a delightful bonus” that he already played.

For A Number Of Cast Members, It Was Their First-Time Acting On A TV Show

While the three leads are all industry veterans, several Sweet Magnolias cast members were making their onscreen first appearance. Annaliese Judge, who acts as Dana Sue’s daughter Annie, is the most exceptional example. When Annaliese auditioned, she was every bit as polished and heart-breaking as Logan [Kyle] and Carson [Ty], who had done other shows.