The Best Devices for Streaming Media

The Best Devices for Streaming Media

These days we are relying more on more on streaming devices to let us access TV series, movies and music. For your visual and audio pleasure we’ve rounded up the best streaming devices right now so that you can choose the one that works for you.

Roku Ultra

A new flagship product from Roku, the Ultra is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best features, speed and resolution. It caters for both 4K and HDR picture quality, and its powerful processor ensures every frame per second is of the highest quality. The user-friendly navigation system makes this device even more appealing, and the fact that it has one of the most extensive channel lists for streaming doesn’t hurt either.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Combining the popular Fire streaming services with Alexa AI, this device is essentially a voice controlled entertainment system all in one, and you can even ask it about casino no deposit options if you like. It keeps all your media on call and you can ask it to play content from HBO, Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video, along with thousands of other channels, as well as music. With 8 speakers, this device is also one of the best for sound fundi’s, as it delivers Dolby digital surround sound entertainment.

Roku Express

Another Roku product that’s built to impress, the Express is packed full of apps and services and is capable of 1080p video input. Its lower price point makes it all the more appealing, and the fact that it gives you access to 3,500+ paid for and free channels, 350,000+ movies and TV episodes makes it an even better budget buy. If you compare it side by side with the more expensive Roku options you may notice the streaming is a little slower, but not enough to really make a difference to your viewing or listening experience.

Roku Stick

And yes, yet another product from Roku! But we wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t really worthwhile. The Stick is one of the more powerful options, and for its tiny size, it really packs a punch. You can access Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, HBO, Amazon, Google Play and a wealth of other content and the easy to use interface and simple navigation makes browsing through mountains of media a breeze.

Chromecast Ultra

Ultra takes the original Chromecast model and improves on it tenfold. And if you didn’t think that was possible, believe us, it is! The Ultra facilitates streaming in 4K Ultra HD and HDR and has an extra speed boost to handle the added quality requirements. It works with iPhone and Android and gives you access to 1000’s of media apps and services. It also allows you to mirror from one device to another, so you can play your preferred media via your tablet or smartphone too

Apple TV 4

A small and somewhat pricier unit, the Apple TV 4 hasn’t become one of the brands best selling devices for no good reason. You can use it to stream 1000’s of movies and TV series, music and radio stations, and it lets you mirror from other devices too.