Traditional Cable Versus New Age Streaming

Is Streaming TV better than Cable?

For many generations, we have relied on cable and other satellite services to deliver TV channels and programs to our houses. This came with a number of restrictions, such as what we could watch when, and how many adverts were included in that time. Recently things have become more flexible with most services offering pausing and recording of live TV as well as a number of preloaded movies to choose from.

This is all changing, however. The new way of getting our entertainment fix is to stream it directly to a number of devices of our choice. This, of course, comes with a multitude of improvements to our viewing experience, but is it actually better than cable?

The Freedom Of Choice

For decades, we have been unable to choose what we want to watch when we want to watch it. We were at the mercy of cable companies who broadcast certain programs at certain times, and if you missed them, then sorry for you. This has gotten better since the advent of live recording, but we are still pretty much at their mercy as to what we focus on when we eventually get home from work. Flipping through channels may have become a past time in itself for many people, but that gets old very quickly.

With streaming, we can choose to watch whatever we want, at any time. No longer are we under the yoke of broadcasters who decide what is prime time TV and what isn’t. We can watch horror in the morning, or binge crime shows to our heart’s content.

Huge Variety

Streaming opens up a completely new world when it comes to the variety of shows. Cable TV tends to have the same kind of shows, and only the ones that they are able to buy. When we stream to our devices, we can choose from almost any type of show that has ever been. From documentaries to specialised series to even live casino streams that are linked to online slots Canada, we get to watch anything our little heart’s desire.

The Best Part – No Repeats

We all know how frustrating repeats are. Sitting down after a long day, putting your feet up to watch TV only to be confronted with an episode of a sitcom that you have seen a thousand times. If you have nothing saved or can’t find anything else to watch, you give up in disgust. Streaming means no repeats, ever. With the vast amount of content that is available to download and watch, you will never run the risk of running out of things to see. You also get to choose what you want, so watching a programme for the second time becomes a decision, not a conclusion.

Many Devices, Many Choices

The best part about streaming is the number of devices on which you can watch your chosen programmes. Although many cable TV companies now offer the ability to watch TV on a second device, streaming means that you can watch any program on any number of devices, thus entertaining the entire family for much less than you would have to fork out with a cable provider.