Improving Your Home’s Security

Improving Your Home’s Security

Your home is meant to be your safe-haven; your bastion of peace and relaxation that you can escape to when the world is giving you a hard time. It’s meant to be a safe, comfortable space that you and your family can enjoy throughout your lives. 

But sometimes that peace and security is shattered when someone finds a way to break through your home’s defences and helps themselves to your expensive items. Apart from the monetary losses you endure, there’s also the loss of the sense of security that you once felt within your own home, and it can be difficult to get that back. The best way to do this is by making a number of small but efficient changes that can improve the overall security of your home, but also provide you with greater peace of mind, allowing you to spend time with your family, enjoy a bit of online betting NZ, or just take a relaxing bath without worrying about the possibility of someone breaking in.

  1. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Many crimes committed are done out of opportunity: a potential thief may walk past your house one day, look through your window, and see the expensive television that you have sitting in your lounge. This is a common mistake that most people make, and it’s important to keep your valuables in a place where you can still make use of them, but also where prying eyes can’t see them too easily.

  1. Keep Your House Active

Criminals tend to be extremely observant, and most will try and break into a home that seemingly has no one in it at the time. This is a big problem, especially if you and your family tend to be away from the house during the day thanks to work or school. One way to get around this is by having lights on in the house while you’re away, and by having a radio or television going that makes it seem like there is activity going on within your house.

  1. Glass Doors

Glass doors are nice to have, and they can often fit well with the aesthetic of your house. But glass is also an incredibly easy barrier to get through, and can be used to gain access fairly easily to a door’s locks. Swapping out a completely glass door for one that is semi-glass may make the door far more secure.

  1. Motion-Activated Lights

This is one that’s perfect in a neighbourhood where most of the break-ins occur during the night. Motion-activated lights are usually powerful spotlights that turn on when any motion takes place in front of their senses, and can instantly alert you to the presence of anyone in your front or back yards.

  1. Have a Police Inspection

While not every police station will do this, there are many that will be happy to come out and give your home an inspection. The officers will point out any potential weaknesses in your home’s security, and will make suggestions as to how to plug them up.