How To Beat The Laundry Day Blues

Everybody loves to wear clothes and change outfits when necessary, in fact, it is pretty much a must in society for obvious reasons. The downside of it all is that every dirty item of clothing needs to be washed, and before you know it, you have got a mountain of clothes waiting to be washed. Say goodbye to your weekend and hello to the ultimate laundry marathon.

Of course, packing and ironing clothes is a process yet to be automated, however, when it comes to washing and drying, there is a whole load of tech available to make the process easier than ever before. All of this being said, we have a few simple tips for owning laundry day and getting on top of Laundry Mountain.

Address Stains

When it comes to stains, you need to deal with them as soon as possible to stop them from setting in. So, before throwing it in the laundry bin, you may want to do something about the mark. Doing so can be done by purchasing stain remover, or you could even use household items such as toothpaste for grass stains and shampoo for oil and dirt stains. Another pro tip is using cold water to rinse out blood and sweat.

Understand your machine

This nifty gadget is the difference between a good and bad laundry day. Different settings will work better on different items of clothing, so read the manual and clothing labels to determine the best fit.

Keep It Clean

When it comes to killing germs and ensuring your family’s health, we recommend washing towels and bedding on a hot cycle. Be sure to read the label beforehand to prevent unnecessary laundry destruction.

The Ideal Drying Method

Most washing machines offer a spin cycle at the end of the wash which will get rid of most of the water. Some machines will even have a built-in drying function. However, for those that do not, there is the age-old tumble-dryer versus washing line debate. Unfortunately, this boils down to preference, although we prefer the feel of a warm fluffy towel just out of the tumble dryer.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Separating your laundry by colour and fabric type and then washing them with the correct setting is the best way to ensure that your clothing lasts. Throwing everything in one bundle and randomly selecting a cycle is a recipe for disaster. While it does require a bit of effort, the results speak for themselves. Once it’s done, you can reward yourself with Keno bonus codes, safe in the knowledge that you won’t dye everything pink.

Keep It Simple

Laundry day is all about knowing and understanding the basics – and then putting them into practice. The effort you put in will show in the end result, so unless you like scratchy, discoloured clothes, you may want to take a step back and determine a game plan.