The Biggest Food Trends for 2018 Revealed

These are the biggest food trends for the upcoming year, according to the Waitrose Food and Drink Report for 2017/2018. The research combines a survey taken of 2 000 consumers, statistics of Waitrose sales, and in-house experts’ predictions regarding shopping, cooking, eating, and drinking habits.

Jet Setters will be Enjoying Japanese Dude Food

The reign of miso and noodle soup has come to an end, and, according to Waitrose, we will be turning to the more clement side of this country’s cuisine this year.

The stout sharing dishes that Japan’s izakaya bars favour are going to be the next big thing. Whether it is deep-fried tofu served in broth or yakitori skewered chicken, the trend will be a combination of the hearty so-called dude food popular in the US South with the oleaginous, rich, and often surprising flavours of Tokyo’s after-hours.

We will be Indulging in Indian Street Food

You may find yourself enjoying in Indian streets, where you can look forward to being able to enjoy finger-foods while you do in 2018!

It is all about grilled, seared, or smoked delicacies rather than heavy sauces. Waitrose predicts dishes like scallops served in pickled ginger to become a big thing in the next 12 months. This type of cuisine also easily lends itself to hybrids, so spiced burgers and lamb keema tacos are on the menu. It’s Indian food revamped and made ready for the latest food trends to hit!

The Fourth Meal, Finally!

As important as breakfast, lunch, and dinner may be, more people will be trying to squeeze a smaller fourth meal into their day in the next year.

Far from an indication of gluttony, this fourth meal will be more about adapting traditional schedules to fit more easily into our busy lives. If you have a very early dinner, for example, what’s wrong with a good grilled cheese before bedtime?

If you are going to hit the gym after work, why not boost your energy with a small salad mid-afternoon?

Whether it is a healthy snack or a tasty treat, this meal is going to have a starring role in 2018.

Will the Trolley be Terminated?

The shopping days of the future are going to be more focussed on the experience, says Waitrose, and supermarkets look likely to be about experiential retail spaces, immersive hubs wherein shopping is one of a variety of activities available. Thanks to the fact that fewer and fewer people are doing a big shopping trip once a week these days, then trolleys’ days are definitely numbered.

Plentiful Plant Proteins for People This Year

The demand for foods high in proteins look likely to continue too, and, thanks to more and more people choosing a flexitarian diet, the buzz will be about plant-based proteins. Whether it is pulses, grains, shoots, seeds, algae, or soy, everyone, from small start-ups to big brands, will be looking for interesting ways to add a protein punch.