Beating The Blues Naturally

It’s natural that we all feel down from time to time and that life can take its toll on us. But if we are not suffering from depression and simply feeling a bit blue, there are plenty of ways we can feel better about ourselves and lift ourselves out of a funk.

Get moving

Sitting around moping isn’t going to make you feel any better; in fact, it could actually make you feel worse. A little bit of exercise will get your blood pumping and get those endorphins flowing, and you’ll feel better for it. Even if you are tired, a brisk walk somewhere pretty can do you a world of good.

Get laughing

Hook up with friends who always make you laugh, or better yet go and watch a comedy act or funny movie. They say laughter is the best medicine, and they could well be right. Having a good laugh makes you forget about life for a while and the chemicals it releases in your brain does you a world of good too.

Have a nap

Not the nap where it turns into all day sleeping or avoiding getting up, but a nice little catnap in the afternoon sun. A short nap can give you a new lease on life, and can make you feel a lot better if you were feeling down simply because you were tired.

Eat good mood food

There are some foods that have been proven to improve your mood, and even if you have your own special favourites you can try these too. A great home cooked meal also often does wonders, as does easting healthily. Don’t stuff yourself till you feel over full, but do enjoy a hearty meal that will be sure to pep you up.

Get some sun

Just being in the sun is enough to lift most people’s mood, so why not spend some time getting a good dose of Vitamin D? Just make sure that you don’t spend too long soaking up the sun, and make sure you slather on the sunscreen, because if you get burnt, you’ll really have something to be miserable about.

Have some fun

If you are feeling out of sorts do something you love! If it’s playing the online Bingo NZ has to offer, going bowling, binge watching a new series or planning a holiday, do something that you have a passion for. This will shift your focus and also help you forget about what’s making you feel down too.

Write things down

Sometimes it really helps to write down why you are feeling a bit blue, and really get to the bottom of why you are down. Often just writing things down puts them into perspective and makes you feel better about everything s you can now approach life with a clearer head.

By all means if you are suffering from depression do not discount it. You may well need clinical help, so these ideas are simply to perk up those who are feeling a bit off briefly.